About the artist

My path in life has been a remarkably straight one. I’ve always defined and justified myself through art, never doubting that I would somehow make a living with paintbrush and pencil. Since my youth, I’ve realized this goal both in the studio and on the stage.

Oscillating between theater and easel painting has been a constant pattern, perhaps expressing different aspects of my personality. Set design and painting have a practical, puzzle-solving aspect to them. The visual representation of ideas expressed in a play, the physical dimensions of a stage and, of course, one’s budget, guide and inform all artistic choices. These are limits that provide structure. In contrast, the possibilities within the boundaries of a blank canvas are limitless. The structure, the rules, are all one’s own. This can be both exciting and intimidating. My theater work, in some ways, provides a means of re-charging whatever interior batteries I draw on for fine art and vice versa.

I retired a few years ago from a long and rewarding career painting for the Broadway stage as a member of United Scenic Artists, Local 829, in New York City. Since then I've produced the paintings and sculptures on this website. They are expressions of my current search, the first steps on a path that I believe will lead to a new body of studio work and a deeper exploration of theater set design as sculpture.

It is a path that feels both familiar and unpredictable. The search is the journey.

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