Artist Statement

My painting is figurative, somewhat realistic and emotionally calm because of a myriad of influences in my life, yet I can be transfixed in front of works of abstract expressionism. There are Japanese screen paintings that leave me breathless and monumental iron sculptures that make me laugh out loud. The common thread through artworks that move me is the feeling of honest search. Searching for a voice, a vocabulary, asking of oneself greater courage, questioning what you think you know.

I would be at a loss to point to any particular attribute in a painting or sculpture that speaks to me of this quality, just as it would be meaningless to list the reasons I feel love for another person. The truth lies not in the details. I know when I do a painting that is true to my search, and when I’m simply rehashing old ideas or slipping into mere illustration.

In my best work, the face, the bird, the landscape emerge gently through a relaxed technique and take on a life of their own.

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